Tiffane is an insightful coach who helped me sort out my life, and put me on the path to success. She is an amazing, charismatic person that had the unique ability of providing me some much needed insight. She helped me see the big picture and guided me towards practical, easy first steps that changed my life completely. 
– Adrian

 I am in a profound state of gratitude. I believe it is entirely possible that our conversation yesterday will prove to be the most pivotal turning point of my life. 

– Kenneth C.

 I am eager to continue our session next week…the impact of that one session has been profound and life altering. WOW, I’m definitely up against some issues that have been buried for much too long…It’s tough stuff…and brilliant work on your part, Tiff. Warmest regards and gratitude. 

– Peter M.

 I feel so fortunate that God has led me to you. Wow! That was a fabulous session, full of surprises. You helped me position myself exactly where I need to be. I’m very excited to expand from here. Great work Tiffane. 

– Lanette S.

 Hi Tiffane! I’m still processing and digesting yesterdays conversation. I want you to know how much I appreciate your phenomenal sense of humor and spot-on insight. Your support and laughter helped me more than anything . What a talented range of gifts you have, my dear. 

– Alicia C.

 Tiffane, you weren’t kidding when you said that the real work happens between our sessions. I’m amazed at the clarity I’m gaining and you’re right new doors seem to be opening that where previously closed. Thank you isn’t sufficient enough, be blessed sweet child. 

– Barbara W.

 Tiffane is a truly exceptional consultant and coach. She has a deep level of intuition and connection that she achieves almost instantly with you. It’s almost as if she’s a closet psychic. Her coaching style is nurturing, understanding and yet pushes you past any victim mentality allowing you access to the control panel of your life. I would highly recommend Tiffane as your personal coach or consultant as I’ve utilized both of these services and find she works in both arena’s quite flawlessly bringing a unique marriage of personal and professional growth . She knows exactly how to bring out the best in you and guide you toward your chosen goals. 

– Doug Felix, CEO

 One of the attractions for me of working with Tiffané is that she has a very similar mind-set in terms of bringing value to my organization. Not a single day goes by where I don’t recognize and value, the presence and the input Tiffané offers not only for my business but for my peace of mind as well. She’s not only a consultant and a coach but I’ve grown to consider her a friend and after 3 years I will go as far as saying that Tiffané is considered part of my family both personally and professionally. Thank you Tiff, for all your hard work and dedication, not only to my business but to my family as well! 

– Mark Lever

 We were very impressed with the standard of consultancy we received from Tiffane, it far exceeded our expectations. We were very impressed with her knowledge, honesty and her ability to understand our specific needs. 

– Ray Bloomfield

 The depth of knowledge Tiffane possesses regarding complex human communication is refreshing in a world full of miscommunication. She could answer even the most complex of questions regarding any area of my business or personal life and helped me find ways to speed up growth and productivity by using her one of a kind “Clairvoyant” skill. This girl comes highly recommended for any man who would like to see the world from a powerful, unique vantage point! 

– Matthew Long

 Money well spent. Tiffane was extremely knowledgeable and professional during the entire speaking engagement. 

– Rhonda M.