Spiritual Life Coaching

Every single one of us have blind spots or sections of the road that our vision can’t perceive or make out. There are many reasons for this. Life is busy and it’s always in “session”. We’re constantly looking ahead or gazing into our rear view mirror wondering what exactly went wrong in the past or what potholes may lay ahead of us. We focus on the cars ahead and the cars behind us but rarely do we bring our presence into the perfection of the car we’re in.

The gift of Spiritual Life Coaching is that it gives you a moment to tune out the traffic, close your eyes and allow the heart to have it’s “beat”, it’s say in the direction of your life. The heart is the only GPS that can effectively direct you towards the life you’ve always wanted. Because of our childhood wounds and anything else that’s hurt us we often build up a huge road block to the castle of the heart.

It’s at the castle where our dreams reside. It’s so important to take the time to travel the road less traveled in order to reach the ultimate destination of passion and life purpose. Together we will walk the path that often gets a little scary in your fast charged Ferrari. We will explore the landscape that has brought you to your current destination so that you can build a plan to get you to your next point of interest.

The law of attraction is always in effect whether you believe in it or not. There is real quantifiable data to back up the validity of the law of attraction. It’s not a book called The Secret. It’s not a theory or a make believe set of ideas to help you dream bigger. The law of attraction is basic physics. What you send out into the universe is like a boomerang currently on it’s way back to you. You can choose love, anger, resentment, joy, compassion, success or any other emotion or you’d like to see show up in your life.

What most people don’t realize is that because of the pain experienced during childhood we have chosen to look away from the exact pain that is causing us to attract more. In order to shift the pain or frustration we must first look at what experiences and/or thoughts we’ve had that have attracted that which our intellect has decided is painful or uncomfortable. Most of these painful thoughts reside in our subconscious mind because our conscious mind doesn’t have the time or desire to sort through them. We exist within a sea of energy and our thoughts create the waves we witness within that sea.

Most of our thoughts are subconscious leaving us at the effect of the sea as opposed to the effect of our hearts wants, needs and desires. As a matter of fact only about 5% of our actions are conscious, the other 95% are subconscious and are based on past programs, memories and pain we’re attempting to resolve by pulling the same exact experiences into our lives over and over again.

We’ve all had that feeling of “why is this happening to me again?” The characters, lovers or jobs will change but the experience will feel the same. For example, why do I keep making a bunch of money and then losing a bunch of money leaving me exactly where I began? Why do relationships always seems to end badly leaving me feeling hurt and vulnerable? Why don’t people respect me? Why is everyone else around me experiencing wealth and abundance and yet I’m still here working my buns off to make ends meet? All of these questions and many, many more are answered with Spiritual Life Coaching.