Tiffane’s Values

Her Philosophy

Tiffané believes that the long-term profitability and growth of every organization is inextricably linked to confidence, knowledge and communication. She helps you communicate with the skill of a trained professional allowing you to speed towards the success that is awaiting your arrival. Your life will shift like a fine tuned Ferrari. Similar to the Ferrari, You’ll boast a 700 horse power in your ability to keep pace with the most intensely, successful individuals. She’ll teach you how to improve your “handling” ability when communicating with the opposite sex and your interpersonal relationships. Success in both your professional and personal life is the ultimate goal.

Personal Life Coaching

If you have that nagging feeling that something is not aligned in your life and you have a desire to live up to your true potential or you’d like to go beyond the normal, break out of your boring routine and you’d like to experience a purposeful and exciting life then coaching can help you achieve just that. Sometimes life seems to spin out of control and you become too entangled in the drama of it all to see the way out and often wind up spinning in circles, dizzy with depression or anxiety and wondering how or why it all happened in the first place. Tiffané will help you make sense of your internal GPS and will help guide you out of the woods and into the light of your life. Call today for a free 30 min consultation. (a $125.00 value) 208-577-1287

Motivational Speaking

If your business is struggling or if you’re anxious to see profits rolling in, then it’s time to consider hiring Tiffane’ as a part of your team. She can help you break down the barriers that often keep people from living up to their full potential. Tiffane´ has techniques that will inspire people to wake up and sell their pants off. It’s not as simple as just wanting it. There are real solid techniques to being a quality sales person. A motivational speaker is beneficial for the employees as well as for the boss. After hearing a great speech the employees will feel like doing their best work and will most likely work harder towards achieving company goals. Once you begin to see these habits forming in your employees you will see an increase in your profits. You’ll see higher productivity that will most certainly lead to more money being generated for your business and personal life. You can schedule a regular date for me to come and motivate your team and this will create momentum for your team and your business. 

Feel free to call Tiffané for a free 45 min. consultation. You can use this time to discuss your unique business concerns and goals. I personally guarantee that you’ll gain fresh insights and perspectives about your business and what’s keeping you from the success that you’ve been dreaming about. 208-577-1287

The Responder

I created my "Responder" package for any person or professional who has a high stake email sitting in their inbox. It is safe to say that I have responded to a wide variety of adversarial communications and found that I could be a life boat in the stormy sea of online communication. Once you experience the results of the responder you'll understand the value of such a service. The "Responder" gives you a feeling of power while saving you tremendous amounts of time, money, and stress while improving your image and gaining leverage in the process. The "Responder" allows you to mitigate future losses by "responding" as opposed to quick trigger reacting thus neutralizing the potential for disaster.