Life Coaching

I believe that every single one of us has an innate desire to be happy. We go through life seeking material objects in hopes of attainting that happiness. Unfortunately we get caught in a deceptive merry go round of “wants”. Our wants can never fulfill our happiness. Have you ever noticed how one “want” will flow into another want which will lead to yet another want and will ultimately leave you permanently struggling with the feeling of always wanting more?

Happiness is an inside job that once achieved will begin to attract any and every want you’ve ever dreamed of. We are made and designed to be happy and happiness comes from giving as opposed to receiving so these perceived “wants” are in reality keeping our desires just out of reach as opposed to bringing them closer. This is what causes that feeling of frustration that most of us live with every day.

We were all born will a desire to learn, grow and evolve into the best version of our self. How do we do that? That’s the million dollar question. How do we let go of the struggle, the constant drive to attain these wants? The first thing we must do is identify why it is we want what we want. If it’s money, then what is the predominant feeling that you will feel once you attain the dollar amount you’ve chosen to manifest? It’s important to first identify the amount of money that will fulfill your ultimate experience. Secondly, describe in detail the “feeling” you will have once it’s attainted. Is it peace, comfort, freedom, respect, security, confidence, acceptance or perhaps love?

Once you’ve identified the emotion or experience that you’re searching for you can then begin to magnetize your dreams by dematerializing all the metal blocks that have kept you stuck in perpetual “want”. You now begin to be that emotion that you’ve been searching for. If it’s security then security is what you give to everyone you meet, to every client you work with, to every single person who graces your presence. I realize this sounds ridiculously simple and truly it is but it takes tools and practice to perfect the art of being that which you want.

Manifestation begins in the mind and quickly travels into the body. Our intellect has no ability to manifest and that’s where most folks get led astray. We cannot sit around and dream, dream, dream of that fancy house, brand new car or amazing lover we want. We must feel as if we’ve already attained it in order to attract it. How might you feel once your business is experiencing the success you desire? The mind does not know fact from fiction. The mind can’t differentiate between what is real and what is not so we’re able to use this beautiful little mind glitch in order to achieve any and everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

Most of us spend our time thinking about the “what if’s”. What if I can’t pay the bills? What if I never achieve the level of health, wealth or abundance that I’ve always dreamed of? What if I never meet the lover that truly allows me to feel whole and complete? What if? What if? What if? What if? Most of us don’t realize that those “What if” thoughts are actually pulling that which we don’t want closer and closer into our lives. How do we shift that? How do we attract that which we desire?

I have spent my whole life researching this very topic. I have spent every day studying and analyzing how the law of attraction and manifestation works in both the positive and negative. My purpose is to bring that knowledge and expertise to you so that you can finally experience the effortless health, wealth and prosperity that has always been there waiting for you to receive. Life is meant to be enjoyed and your preferences are the road map to helping you receive everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Allow your desires to illuminate your path to prosperity.